Picking Up From the Pandemic: James of SeaWorld Entertainment Park Takes Us Through

The Corona pandemic has weakened small and large businesses across the globe. The havoc has seen many entrepreneurs gasping and struggling to make ends meets. In a report given by the NIFIB (National Federation of Independent Business), a significant percentage of businesses had suffered significantly as of 30th March 2021. Only a small percentage of companies had experienced minor adverse effects or no effects from the pandemic.

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The short-term plans for every business vary majorly depending on the industry. As such, it’s vital to perceive what the recovery mode will present in the wake of the economy. As corona subsides and the economic sector assumes normal operations, it’s essential to underline the lessons we have learned and perhaps strategize how to beat them shortly. Planning an exit strategy after COVID season will help us prepare to move with speed and rebuild the fallen economy.

It is not different for the SeaWorld Entertainment Park as they open their gates to pick from where they left after about a year of closure. For the past six months, James Geiser has had a busy and fixed schedule running the company’s marketing department. He says that for any Firm to have it done after corona, they have to employ a changed advertising strategy. Geiser explains his plans to ring back the client to the base.

Before the outbreak in America, James points out the situation was normal, clients drew for fun, and all was well. They registered a high client turnout until the country was shut down, bringing everything to a halt. In March, SeaWorld shares dropped by sixty percent, and to avert the dire situation, James set up restrictions to curb the spread of the virus.

The company cut down the number of customers who could visit the facility to ensure distance is kept. Also, they introduced wearing masks with the clients allowed to see different portions at different times despite taking regular sessions and visitations. The advertisement department lead by James is doing everything possible to assure Americans that it’s safe to have fun once more.

More information at https://www.seaworldparks.co.uk/