Many People Are Left At Crossroads Regarding QNET As A Direct Selling Frontier

The history of Direct Selling is so deep that when many people know how much it involves, they stop looking for answers. For this reason, many start to blame MLM companies that are trying to inculcate the ancient business and marketing model into modern business as is the case with recent allegations that QNET is not a firm that focuses on Direct Selling. In fact, some have even labeled the firm a scam. However, the truth is QNET is indeed a firm within the MLM list that directs its efforts and assets in the study and implementation of Direct Selling marketing model.

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 The History Of Direct Selling

Direct Selling is not new. The marketing model has been in use for at least 250 years dating back to 1800s. During this time when the world structures were still at their fledgling stage, business had to go on anyway. However, salesmen and women during this period used to do a lot of work traveling for many days, perhaps months from one point to another in a bid to sensitize people on their products and find potential clients. Although it worked for these traveling salespersons, things could later change for the better with the advent of robust infrastructure and the mushrooming of MLM companies such as QNET.

Direct Selling’s modern history points to around mid 1960s. Unlike in the 1800s, this time the world’s infrastructure and communications had changed a great deal. Companies such as Amway and Avon were started with the advent of such surroundings. Today, QNET, one of the world’s renowned Direct Selling propellers says that the current business and marketing trends show that while it is present in most businesses in western countries, Asia, the Pacific and Africa is yet to embrace Direct Selling as a perfect marketing model for their businesses.

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