Securus Technologies Invests in Revolutionary Technological Gadgets To Promote Safety

Securus Technologies, a leading corrections agency for inmate’s communications industry, is geographically situated in Dallas, Texas. The company is prominently upheld for its satisfactory services as a leading provider of detainee communications services in government and the entire public sector. Securus Technologies provides leading services in justice and technological services for the entire incarceration process. […]

Securus Technologies – Helping Keep Communities Safer And Secure

Securus Technologies is the undisputed market leader in the field of inmates’ communications, public safety, investigations, law enforcement and local technology. Over the years, the company has contributed heavily to this highly competitive industry and has launched a series of products and series that are highly useful for the law enforcement agencies as well as […]

With Best Interest at Heart, Securus Technologies Calls Out Inaccuracies

Securus Technologies has been serving the community when it comes to law enforcement and public safety across the United States. They believe that connecting matters with investigation, emergency responses, information management, and so forth.   However, on June 9, 2016, Securus Technologies corrected their press release that was issued on June 7, 2016, through Global […]

Securus Technologies’ Services to the Correction Facilities

About Securus Technologies   Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies leads in the provision of technological solutions to civil and criminal justice. As such, Securus Technologies helps correction facilities in enhancing public safety, heighten investigation, and monitor inmate-related crimes. Securus Technologies specializes in ICT, call facilities management, information technology, and data analysis. Besides, Securus Technologies provides […]